Writer's Block: Fantastic plastic
Nope, I wouldn't. I'm not against it but I am definitely not getting it done. I like being naturally beautiful.

got bratz party yasmin today.
 kay,so i went to target today,and they had all the new bratz collections.
for party yas,two jade,two cloe. a whole shelf of twiinz,and a whole bunch of basics.
i picked up my party yasmin.
both jades had some error on them,one cloe had a perfect face,and one yasmin had a perfect face,which is the one i got.

in the car i was opening her,and guess what? HER DAMN HEAD FELL OFF! the neck peg they are using is too skinny and doesnt keep the head on all the way. i had to put a million rubberbands on it to keep her head on.
poseability: less than good. she cant touch her face,she cant put her hand on her hip.

her legs give out very easily,unless shes wearing long pants.
clothes: very high quality,all seperates.
points for them.

hair: saran hair,nice quality. i didnt even have to boilwash her hair,just a shampoo and condition. not rooted too thin,not rooted too thick.

so,mgae has ALOT to work on with these dolls. best bratz ever? not even close. the poseability sucks,the heads fall off,and its very hard to find a doll without a smudged face.
honestly,mattel is kicking there ass. monster high are cheaper than these,and are better quality,and more poseable.
i will not be buying anymore of these until they improve poseability and quality.
sorry mgae,you sucked big time on this line,and have lost very many fans because of it! not even robyn barnette,owner of the most famous bratz blog,will be buying any more of them except basic sasha and maybe the party dolls.

Writer's Block: Proven by Science
Do you believe everything has a scientific explanation?
no,i do not.
there are many things that science cannot explain,because they have not been discovered yet.
like ghosts. alot of people say thee not real,but does anyone actually know for sure? no,they do not.

looking for bratz rina. blonde head!
i am lookign for a bratz rina blonde head. you can give me the set or just the head. it doesnt need a body,but she must be in great condition [uncut hair,no marks,no rips or breaks.] i live in the u.s. if you have her send me a message with your price.
this is how she looks.


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